Mr. Bhagwan Khatri endowed Pheeta in the year 2020. It has its roots in Rajasthan and is a center that cherishes traditional Indian attire. With an interactive platform, it aims to keep up with the newest occurrences in the world of fashion. Our products are hand-picked by artists who specialize in hand-blocking, hand -painting, and handwork. Pheeta is a designer who Bridges the gap between contemporary fashion and traditional printing and fabrics.

Unlike other trendy labels, Pheeta’s foundation begins with hand block printing and progresses through modern designs by students from India’s finest institutes. Includes finest textiles and printing by our short-listed printing houses, as well as hand paint artists and experts in handwork in Jaipur, and made-to-measure by skilled tailors.

It was born from the devotion of craft-workers towards the development of fusion patterns with traditional values. Hand painting and block printing add a touch of sophistication to the look.